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About Andrew

Andrew Golightly

Loves coding using JavaScript to build useful solutions. Adores cats. Empath.

Tech skills

Expert in JavaScript. Fullstack developer specialising in Node.js, React, and Firebase. Automation of business processes using apps for Slack.


Born on 11/11 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Went to school there. Then moved to New Zealand aged 18 to attend the University of Waikato.

Core interests


I learnt Reiki in 2004 when my girlfriend at the time learnt that my mum was a Reiki master. Of all the healing related modalities I've learnt, Reiki has been the most consistently helpful healing tool I've used on myself and others.

Law of attraction

Whether I like it or not, I've noticed the principle of the law of attraction consistently working reflecting my thoughts and feelings in the creation of my reality.

A belief system is only a thought you continue to think. What we believe fundamentally shapes our experience of the world. A fact is only realised when we make that thought incontrovertible in our minds; we believe it, don't question it, and make it so. A self fulfilling thought. Those that utter statements as facts have power over the weak minded.

The psychology visualisation test

Leopard - powerful, astute, beautiful (my idealised self)

Eagle - free, unbounded, clear-sighted (who I am most attracted to)

50 miles (80kms/hour) is the metaphorical speed at which I cruise through life. I'm moving but I take in my surroundings.