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A lovely day out in Berkhamsted

· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

Today mum came over to meet me for a coffee. She's leaving in a couple of days, so we're maximising the time I get to see her before she goes.

We shared an almond croissant, I had an oat flat white, and mum an oat latte. We chatted about fears and not giving them any power.

Afterwards we went to visit my aunty who was still at a church service. The sign outside at the door said people are welcome to enter even while the service is running. So mum encouraged me to go on in, and so we did. It was quite quaint to sing a church song again from a book with verses.

After the service I had a chat with a lady who read readings from a Christian Science text book. Her name was Sally and she was born in Egypt. My takeaways from that conversation is to keep travelling while I can. And even when I'm old :) And to write down my experiences as I go. And hence she inspired me to start blogging again about my life travels and journey.

I also had a chat with Jenny after the service and we spoke a bit about healing. My takeaway was to not give any issues too much attention, to accept them as they are, and interestingly not view issues as things that need to be healed. We also touched on the veil between this world and the spiritual world, and that even if a sticky sheen gets dragged back over to obscure the vision to the spiritual plane, it doesn't mean the spiritual plane is not there.

Mum, Jen and I then went for a walk to Waitrose to get a lunch deal (wrap, drink and chips), and then walked down to the canal to eat our meals together. It is a beautiful day; blue skies and mild weather. We loved watching the geese, ducks and baby swans meander on the banks and cruise up and down the canal together with the house boats.

Ands, mum, Jen

It's autumn, so the leaves are changing colours, and it's just beautiful to see the shades and hues. Jen was quite poetic in describing the colours: "the repeated and echoing colours", "the prelude of the front leaves, with trimphant finale in the background".

Ands, mum, Jen