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Return to London

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Andrew Golightly

I came into London today to visit Savanna, a colleague from Sunbowl, together with her husband Dayton. Both such lovely people.

Dayton, Savanna, Andrew

They just moved to London, and somewhat just embarked on travelling and living around the world. We spoke a bunch about my travel experiences, and practical aspect like tax.

I found their self reflections excellent. Like...

  • Why am I living in Canada?
  • Why am I married to this person?

And then taking the time to honestly answer those questions for themselves.

We had lunch in a gorgeous church that was refurbished into a food hall. I have mixed feelings about it in that I love quiet sacred spaces, and yet it's nice to see a lot of people spending time in these walls, and hopefully the business will help with the maintenance of the building.

Mercato Mayfair ๐Ÿ“ Mercato Mayfair

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