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Reconnecting to friends

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

Moved places today. Grateful that I could alter my booking on Airbnb. The room smelt like dog (there was a dog in the house), and there was a weird humming coming from the walls. Sleep sucked. But worth it to meet Christine last night at Mildreds vegetarian restaurant next door.

daytime view

Moved into an awesome room in an apartment overlooking the city.

night view from apartment

Serendipity might point me going to AfrikaBurn in South Africa because of these hosts.

Andrew and Markus

Then reconnected with my childhood friend Mark. It was super lovely to spend time with him. I noticed a couple of beliefs I had about his beliefs that were completely wrong. One of my favourite things ever is to be wrong about unhelpful thoughts; my naughty mischevious mind.