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Andrew Golightly

At breakfast this morning I heard a story about a homeless man that took off his clothes. ๐Ÿ˜‚

She was referring to ร†sop Fables, specifically The North Wind & the Sun.

Gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail.

Abraham thoughtsโ€‹

When you no longer split your flow of energy with contradictory thoughts, you will know your power.

Abraham Hicks

Notes from this video...

  • Don't try and live such a perfect life that no-one bumps your car.
  • Is this satisfying or not?
  • If something bad happened that caused me to have a long list of things that satified me, was it worth it?


I had a chat with a fellow empath.

Some takeaways...

  • There is no definitive truth.
  • The most important thing is the truth I want to believe.
  • One of my big takeaways from the last couple of days, is sharing something with someone I'm close to that is scaring me, and them spontaneously laughing out loud with me at it, is so healing. It obliterates the fear.