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Day with Markus

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

I went into London today to visit a couple of friends.

Andrew, Mark The Shaftesbury in Richmond.

We played chess and he thrashed me.

He taught me a couple of his key life principles.

  1. Rather choose to be with someone with frequent small ups and downs, than someone who is mostly calm, but who also has massive emotional swings.
  2. It's a choice to be with someone with mental or physical health issues.

Jamming with Mark On Kew Green.

Chats with Jen

Don't be so black and white about things. Nurture friendships.

Don't focus on the specifics in what you want. Get more general, and specifically on what it would feel like.

Self care is such a big deal.

The Universe has perfect timing.

Don't let anyone tell you how to live or who to love.