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Tristan chats

· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

I got to catch up with lovely Tristan today :)

Tristan and Andrew 📍 Mead’s Farmhouse Kitchen.

He reminded me that "Your body is on your side.". And that we can speak to our bodies more to ask it what it needs. Tuning into how we feel about anything is so important. From there we can make better choices for ourselves. Like if happiness, safety and calm for us means needing space, then accommodation choices can reflect that to honour our needs.

Christian Science

Sin should become unreal to every one. It is in itself inconsistent, a divided kingdom. Its supposed realism has no divine authority, and I rejoice in the apprehension of this grand verity.

Chapter XI, verse 27

Jenny gave me a few more ideas to ponder on..

“Man is spiritual and perfect”, and “Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique”.

I love this previous message from Jenny too

meanwhile here’s something fundamental for you to consider: your abilities are God-given, and remain so - in fact He keeps them in tiptop condition. They can’t be affected by any thought of danger or limitation. Their function is to grow goodness in a way unique to you, and have no element of harming or being harmed. X


Vibing to Nevergreen by Emancipator today.