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Relaxing Day

· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

Today is rest day.

I woke up after a really lovely sleep. I was super cozy in bed. I think I checked my phone and saw a message from little. I decided to spend the whole morning in bed and I loved it. It was very relaxing and cozy. I installed Ubuntu on Jen’s old laptop, and it worked really well. I had another Linux distribution in mind, but this seemed more downstream. And it was easier to setup. And looks quite pretty. I helped Jen setup Zoom for her call. Had avo on toast, while messaging little who also had something similar.

Later Tristan picked me up at 3pm. We went to our spot for a coffee, and we had the entire upstairs space to ourselves. Tristan knows a bunch about Abraham things, so we spoke about not paying attention to the drama of what is on TV, and instead playing games of what we would do if we were billionnaires. I liked those thoughts much more. Afterwards I popped into the farmstall, and got some lemon oil for Jen, and dinner for us, and a card for her, and some coffee made in this region.

It’s Guy Fawkes, so we got to see a bunch of cool fireworks just outside from my window. It was so pretty.

I made dinner for Jen, which was easy and delicious. And she said I should take the coffee for my friend. It’s been nice that Jen is the one turning up the heat now before I think of it. The house is toasty warm. I was listening to Abraham while making dinner, and Jen said she resonates with it. We spoke a bit about not paying attention to what is, especially is there is a lot of momentum in those thoughts.

I also got to place an order with one of my favourite stores Uniqlo. I love their philosophy. And I love their clothes. I love that we can order things online and get them delivered to us.