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Andrew Golightly

Today I decided to do a little trip to Suffolk.

Christian Science chatsโ€‹

But before that I had a really insightful time with Jenny and Chris.

It seems in essence ill health and issues are misunderstandings of the mind. The mind executes and creates whatever we like. That's pretty cool. But if we stay focused on pain and issues, we'll simply get more of that.

And it doesn't matter what the size of the issue is. It's still a mental mistake.

Just as 2+2 !== 5 and 2+2 !== 500000000000

Letting go of preconceptions is the tricky part. The mind can hold on with it's claws what it believes to once be true.

Everything is a form of hypnosis. We believe a disease or virus or whatever will cause certain things. And we play them out. Or rather our bodies enact what we believe things to be. And then we believe that a certain treatment will cure whatever the issue is. We have faith in it. And then our bodies act out the healing at the rate we were told it would work.

It's all belief.

Even my belief in vitamins and health products is an illusion.

It's all illusion. And we can change anything with how we think and what we believe in. We make true what we believe to be true.

Sally stickers

I gave some stickers to Sally :)

"When you don't know, the morning is wiser than the night."

A Russian Proverb

Train ridesโ€‹

train to Suffolk