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Andrew Golightly

I really appreciate Yufei for her reminder to use lavender oil regularly and often.

I sat in a cathedral and focused my mind on the wall opposite. It was like water, just like the LSD trip in Mexico when I watched the ceiling. This world is not real as we think it is. It's all fluid, and energy or something.

Any and all hardships I'm going through is the Universe and life strengthening and fine tuning my focus on what is important for me. Less flailing, more direction. I am becoming mentally stronger than I've ever been before.

Midgar Coffee

Nicest guy running a really lovely little coffee shop.

Power thoughts

Make satisfaction matter more to you than the reality factor.

Your expectation is everything. It's a long thought thought.

Feel great without the evidence :)

Focus on the end.

The mind really is all over the place. It's important to be embodied. Present.

divest thought of false trusts and material evidences

p.g. 428 v 9 (Science and Health)