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Andrew Golightly

Everything in this world started with the imagination.

"All objective reality is solely produced through imagining."

-- Neville Goddard

What would it feel like if it were true? Then await till the inevitable objectifying it on the screen of space.

Abraham 2022 11 08

Went to a St Mary's church today, and on walking back to the cathedral, saw this...

Double rainbow

A double rainbow over a graveyard, arcing onto a cathedral 🤯

"Life is no respecter of persons and destroys nothing. It continues to keep alive that which man is conscious of being. Things will only disappear as man chooses to change his consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality and everything mirrors that which man is conscious of being."

"Just as a chicken or a snake continues to jump and throb for a while after its head has been removed, likewise, qualities and conditions will appear to live for a while after your attention has been taken from them. Man, not knowing this law of consciousness, constantly gives thought to his previous habitual conditions and through being attentive to them, places upon these dead bodies the eternal head of creation thereby he reanimates and resurrects them. You must leave these dead bodies alone and let the dead bury the dead."

-- Neville Goddard