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Andrew Golightly

Giving names to diseases increases fear, which is the foundation of disease.

KSA (Katie Service Announcement)

What if nothing in your life has ever gone wrong? You can accept that the things you didn't like happened to you very purposefully to show you what you really want or to force a change that leads to a better outcome. What if you can trust this fully, and you never have to worry about anything ever again? Old habits die hard. We're so used to feeling bad because "something happened to us" or "something might happen to us." Ending the cycle as easy as being mindful of your thoughts and distracting yourself away from fear and doubt and anger, but being mindful isn't always easy. It's takes training and forgiveness of yourself when you forget. It takes learning that you are still worthy of feeling good, even when circumstances and society would tell you otherwise. I like to think it doesn't really matter how many times you fall off the wagon, as long as you get up as quick as you can and hop right back on. I don't think I'll have a good day 100% of the time, but I aim to have as many good days as possible. I plan to enjoy as many experiences as I can squeeze in. At the end of this life, I will have many stories and no regrets. I love myself enough now to not let me down. I hope you find that too.

-me (Katie)