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What a lovely day

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

I had such a lovely day with friends today.

Rüdesheim is a cute little place in Germany that has Christmas markets. We got lost on the way there, and ended up going over on a ferry. The village itself is super cute. I had a local coffee which was a whole process. The owner came out with our cups. Each cup started with three cubes of sugar, then he poured brandy poured them, and then lit them. It was nice to feel the fire and warmth over each cup. Then he poured coffee over that. And finally added a scoop of cream with chocolate bits. 🤯 The markets themselves were beautiful to walk around.

I am very much more aware of the thin veil that exists between this material reality and the other.

In the evening we hung out with another Katie and I really enjoyed the chats and vibes. Sleeping on a couch in a warm and caring space is the best thing ever.

She also has the coolest lights :)

Fun lights in the house