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How are you?

· One min read
Andrew Golightly

"How are you?" seems to be asking how things are going, with an extra leaning towards if anything is not going well for you.

From teachers like Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard, Ralph Waldo Trine, do not put any attention on to what it is you do not want.

So when someone asks me "How are you?", and there are things that are bothering me, I feel a bit mentally frozen with how to answer.

One way to answer this question, could be to only answer with the things you do like in your experience.

Or possibly to respond with a positive reframe with what is going on.

Most people are not that interested in this being a vibrational reality until it manifests.


  • If something bad catalyses you do to things that are good for you, or helps you realise what is important, is it not worth it? i.e. gratitude for contrast
  • Feel good hearted about everything and everyone as much as possible.