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People going down

· 2 min read
Andrew Golightly

There are a number of people in my world today who are going down in some way; hospitals, and accidents.

Living out beliefs

I think I get it. I had a belief in an idea.

You only ever felt unwell because of the idea. Once it's no longer in your possession, your body doesn't have a reason to think it feels bad.


Quantum weirdness

As we now know, matter doesn't exist until it is observed. Consciousness is inextricably tied up with the notion of matter. We cannot separate consciousness and mind from what we observe. Consciousness is a field.

Also we tend to think of us all having these individual minds that are in conflict with each other. Rather there is an infinite mind that is thinking us or knowing us. We are rays of a light source. We're not our own mind. Rather, we're the unlimited spiritual expression of the infinite mind.

If reality is shaped by our consciousness, what if we refused the experiences of any physical issues, or say lack? Would those experiences cease to exist because we're no longer giving them attention?

Or better yet, if we identify as infinite mind, what does that mean about what we can create in this "reality"? Or maybe just as good, how much more peace would we feel? I guess if we are part of the infinite mind, we have infinite possibilities to us.

Chris and Jenny

Remember that we're not alone. We don't have to do this all on our own, and really we live as extensions of source.

  • We mostly just need to get out of our own way.
  • We can ask for help and support.

Dropping fear first and foremost.