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Boxing day

· 3 min read
Andrew Golightly

Today is a very good day to buy gifts for myself :)


I correctly guessed the planet Jupiter in the sky tonight.

The Kindle I'm going to purchase happened to have a meaningful word related to someone I'm talking to about books. And the demo book for this Kindle is the one I'm currently reading.

Glancing at my meditation timer, all I see are 11's and 8's.


What if intuition often led me to uncomfortable places to give me an opportunity to grow. To reveal my strengths, where before I only saw weakness in myself?

  • Going to Germany to experience things that gave me the energetic contrast to see how much I enjoy the UK.
  • Going to assist that lady in Australia with natural health work, only to learn how ensnaring she could be, and that no matter what someone does for work, it doesn't make them a good person. And I am strong enough to go out and live on my own. I always figure something out for myself.
  • How being led to medical things with side effects, only showed me how much I need to trust myself and not listen to even family about what to do. That I can trust myself. To not get caught up in stress, anger, and the anxiety of people. That to feel good is infinitely more important than to learn facts; truth is a nebulous thing anyway.

Reminders for the day

There is nothing more important than to feel good. Visualise a good feeling place. The feeling is more important than the details. In fact as soon as you start overthinking it, eject.

When you visualise, you can control everything about everything.

If you think a thought and it feels bad, that thought is not good for you. Your guidance system is working when you feel something bad. That is the moment to stop and choose a better feeling thought. Or wait till the negative ones peter out.

The path of least resistance is to line up with your desire.

One of the best ways to work through difficult things is to be of service to others.

Trusting in the unseen, ineffable spiritual purpose behind our soul's journey generates a grace that illuminates the world.

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

Afred, Lord Tennyson

And from one of my favourite teachers in the world...

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with.

Wayne Dyer

My favourite things

  • naps
  • sleeping
  • dreaming
  • cats
  • hot baths
  • prolonged pressing touch