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New years eve

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Andrew Golightly

It is to be once again iterated that healing is but one distortion of the Law of One. To reach an undistorted understanding of that law, it is not necessary to heal or, indeed, to show any manifestation but only to exercise the disciplines of understanding.

A reflection is something you glance at, not stare at.


Thoughts on evidence based decision makingโ€‹

How many dates should you go on with a girl before you sleep with her using evidence-based decision making? ๐Ÿ™‚

In web development, there are some standards, like how to set up a header, main content and footer. The idea of a website that has infinite scrolling and no footer, breaks a few web guidelines, but is intentionally used with apps like Instagram and TikTok with great success.

Evidence-based documentation generally is often created to self-validate or self-support a particular group's interest. If you dig into the weeds of a lot of science or fact-based evidence, you'll find it is often a carefully constructed preference or perspective. It's an uncomfortable place to be in if someone relies on facts to function.

Websites are part art, part creative self-expression, and part pure functionality.

There are very few hard rules on how something should look or function.

Mad Menโ€‹

Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It'll shock you much it never happened.

I guess when you try to forget something, you have to forget everything.

Don Draper